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Demo - Complete.  Updates on this game are limited to Steam.  Thank you for your support.  And continue to support the itch.io community.

Version 0.176 and above - Windows 7, 8 and 10 64 Bit - .NET 5.0

Works on Win 7/8.1 - Mileage will vary.  Requires DX11 Jun 2010 run time at the least.  Full motion video does not work on Windows 7.

This game is a personal project I am working on.    Working title is Pacific Strafe (for now).

The game is a cross between "Raid on Bungling Bay" and the arcade game "1942".

The game consists of you and your wingmen fighting over various historic world war 2 locations to win and recapture territory.  That being said, you need the help of ground forces, which will progress across the island.  You will be responsible for clearing areas of artillery and other attackers to ensure they can reach objectives (lets face it, what can you capture in a plane?).

Version 0.175 and below - Windows 7, 8 and 10 64 Bit - .NET 4.6 - Tested on Win 7 (.NET 4.6)

Tech notes  

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 (windows 7 has no Full Motion Video).  This game was built with my own 3d engine I have developed over time, hence why it has progressed slowly.
  • Windows .NET 5.0 packages can be found on the Microsoft pages.  This moves at times, so check the site directly.


As it is work in progress, most art and graphics are placeholders.

Want to help?

Still in need of an artist and to a degree someone with sound engineering background to assist a little.  Developer who wants to get into working on a custom graphics engine. 

Game crashing issues?

Have a look at the shortcut in the directory, for an example to enable specific

  1. Create a shortcut of the strafe.exe 
  2. Update the configuration.ini file with the logging to be true
  3. Run the game
  4. Capture the log in your directory.
  5. Post a message here or on facebook and I can get your log.
  6. I look at it. Realise a silly mistake, fix it and it works for you..

Other options in Configuration - set default start up options.

Example of enabling configurations is now in the directory as a shortcut.  

  • -c Configuration.ini can be enabled.
  • allows custom resolutions
  • enable logging
  • Texture Detail
  • Fullscreen or window mode
  • texture detail (1, 2 ,3) = (low, medium (Default), high)

Of note:

Please check your virus scanners etc such as Avast which is known to block the games launch.


pacific-strafe-alpha-windows-64-beta.zip 540 MB
Version 68 Jan 24, 2022

Install instructions

Just download the file and unrar the file into a directory.  Game is ready to go.

Please report crashes, non starts in forum.  Happy to investigate.

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hello , works with only windows 10,  ? or perhaps with seven 64 ? thanks and good job

I've not been able to get it to work previously with Win 7 due to the version of DX 11.  It is possible it will work with 7 now, as I have found a couple of things that was causing incompatibility.  


hi, i've got it working on 32 bit windows 7.  Separate link there.