Version 187 - Graphics upgrades

Just a big release of changes and updates to the graphical quality in game.

  • FIX: Decal Buffer scaling incorrect on unorthodox resolutions
  • Shadow detail improved by 30% over original implementation, sharper shadows.
  • Tree Rendering no longer washes out leaves and branches.  Clearer and more detailed foliage.
  • Water wave rendering generates peak white wash on large waves.
  • Improved light model, time of day more accurately calculated.  Time of day progression working, but not enabled.
  • Specular water changes, now reflects properly in shallow water.
  • FIX: Projectile textures no longer upside down.
  • FIX: Cloud generation no longer has seems of buggy generation
  • Water now respects the hulls of ships more accurately.
  • Water normal maps updated and improved.

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Version 57 Sep 28, 2021

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