Version 184 - Engine and Graphic Enhancements

Major update to Pacific Strafe - milestone release - Volumetric effects

  • Volumetric Cloud rendering now available - see gameplay settings menu
  • Graphic settings now save - including the ability to select which monitor to play the game from (restart of game required)
  • Ansiotropic sampling fixes - will now correctly sample above certain high level settings.
  • All maps updated with Volumetric Clouds, including additional scenery clouds.
  • Windowed, Windowless and fullscreen modes now available (Windowless added)
  • Tweaks to weapons in game.
  • Updates to water normal textures and rendering.
  • Configuration.ini file can be tweaked, but please keep in mind this can crash the game at the moment if misused.
  • Rework of campaign selection screens.

Known Issues

  • Although clouds added, full retest has not been completed.  Therefore some elements of gameplay such as hide zones may not be completely set.
  • Volumetric Cloud generation - Seamless compute function may have some tearing, this will be fixed in later patches.

Please note - this is a large change in the graphic engine.  Game will remain the same if volumetric clouds are disabled.  But frame impacts seem negligible on Low to Medium cards.


  • Some tweaking of clouds rendering to be done.
  • Depth of Field effects to be added.
  • Cascaded Shadow map generation.

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Version 52 Sep 15, 2021

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