Version 0.142 Release

This update to Version 142 isn't as quick as you would think.  The previous version was over a month or so old.   The new version has a number of updates to the AI code around wingmen and enemy logic.  It's a vast improvement, and the enemy is more aggressive, meaning you will need your wingmen more than ever.

As I develop, the game play is evolving, once it was a solo plane based game, and it definitely felt a little empty.  With the additions, it feels more alive I believe, and not so much you vs the world.  

I will continue to update the game, there are more changes than I could list here or remember.  But it's moving.

Wake Island map is really the most playable map of all here and as such is the closest to what I want to achieve.  The others are in various states of development and will get some love of the next few months.

Whats next?

  • Volumetric cloud rendering
  • Strip particles rendering
  • More UI feedback to assist in following goals
  • More updates to gameplay.
  • More map detail, fixes to rendering pipeline (terrain has some issues with multi texturing I have mostly fixed but not implemented)
  • More assets, details.

If you have suggestions, just post to the page.


Strafe_Latest_Build.rar 265 MB
Apr 28, 2020

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