Building Missions - Pacific Strafe

I wont take too long on this post, but to say that updates and changes are happening more rapidly as I move to finishing this 5 mission demo.  I hope that I can garner enough interest to complete this game, and to reflect on all the work done so far over 4 years of my life (in fact, this month marks the start of the project when I was barely getting DirectX 11 firing up a window to render some triangles).

In that time, I have built an objecteditor, and terrain editor to compliment the game engine I built.  But I digress, missions...building them.

The challenge will be to build interesting levels, and with varying mechanics.  The missions themselves wont be faithful recreations of history, but what ifs, and as such, hope to interest people with a fun take on what if X didnt occur, and you were placed at the scene to rectify it.  This will be the goal of the last 2 missions, Tulagi and Midway.  Wake Island was already very mature map over the past 2 years, but now I move on from adding much more to it, its been done to death.  Time to add new flavours.  What you see before you is Tulagi, and although it looks huge, you will be directed to specific locations.  Im sure you will go be a tourist.

I honestly dont know what my 5 mission will be, it maybe midway (and make it epic).  But for now, Tulagi is next.

So enjoy, over the next 2 weeks, I will put the first release of the mission which im sure will crash or bug in some new and interesting way.

See it soon.

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