Version 156 - Midway Updates and Win 7/8 Alpha

Hi all

Work continues on the game with the  battle of midway level going through a number of iterations.  Its still WIP and it cant be completed, so apologies.  Its more a tech test of some changes and improvements/stability.  Work is beginning on additional mechanics to round out Midway.

The major change is the win 7/8 compatibiilty.  There are some conditions though.

  1. In Win 7, there is no FMV working at the moment. And im not sure if i will make it work!
  2. There are some possible colour issues in game, these may be related to the age of your drives/hardware.  Let me know through this post if it looks normal
  3. If it still crashes, make sure you have at least installed directX 11 jun 2010 or later run times.  Xaudio maybe an issue.


Final Note: Late last night I had not committed a change, which then meant the win 7 compatibility was not working.  This has been remediated. Apologies.

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Version 12 Sep 08, 2020

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