Version 160 - Campaign Progress

The new version is a product of alot of background work around tooling and the fact that I've been delayed alot by moving house.

Having said that, the new version is very much an alpha, with a number of changes structurally that haven't been fully tested.  The change list includes:

  •  3d background in game menu - more to be done here, expect the world map to follow the 3d feel
  • Campaign Start/Campaign Progress - You now can try your hand at progressing through (untested).
  • Upgrade System - Very WIP - new planes are now unlocked on the date of the mission, ensuring new plane tech and improvements are closer to historical accuracy (about the only thing that might be accurate!)
  • Showcase Camera System - this has been a large part of the work of late, this is really to assist in the experience - WIP
  • A number of minor improvements and fixes.

Enjoy, the game is still developing, and I should be now back to a normal release cycle since I have completed my house move.

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Version 20 Oct 31, 2020

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