Version 168 - Bug Hunt

New version fixes a number of annoying bugs that have been in the game for a while that I have neglected to address:

  1. After Intro movie, you no longer need to click twice to be able to move your cursor in the game selection menu.  Bug made it appear like your controller is frozen if you didn't press fire.
  2. You no longer can enter pause or options menus an inappropriate times such as transitions.  This stops the game getting stuck in a certain state and no longer proceeding.  Originally this would force a restart of the game.
  3. Initial fade in on menu after intro may flicker or flash before fading in.  
  4. Cross hairs for bombing and strafing are now accurate upon pressing the fire button.
  5. Max Frame time is set to 30Fps to ensure that the game mechanics do not glitch, or graphic effects cause incorrect transitions.

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Version 28 Jan 05, 2021

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