Version 173 - Major Updates

New Version of the game contains:

  • New torpedo bomber - TBF Avenger
  • New Air Superiority Fighter F6F Hellcat - replaces Warhawk
  • Reworked Upgrades screen - Still WIP
  • Updates to Tutorial Level to allow easier completion.
  • Changes to HUD and clean up
  • Crash fix on plane selection when you selected a plane in a previous mission that is not available in your current mission.
  • Spawned friendly planes now have the same stats as your plane.
  • Plane selection window is being renovated.  Clean up, addition of situation map to show where you are.  Lots more to change here.
  • New ground assets for Japanese.  Trucks and tanks have a model now, no longer placeholder.
  • Updated some textures.
  • Some tweaks to difficulty in game. More to be done here.
  • Torpedoes now work, TBF Avenger drops them instead of bombs.

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Version 35 Jan 31, 2021

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