Version 174 - Bug fixes and enhancements

Quick release - a number of changes and tweaks:

  • Found and fixed a crash bug with high chance of occurring.
  • Wake Island Failure scenario now actives after losing 3 planes.
  • Campaign Map UI updated to indicate selection options.
  • Updates to Stunt moves to be fairer on player, planes with weaker handling actually spent more time in moves than more powerful planes.  Allowing for greater chance of escape.
  • Tulagi difficulty upped for end of level boss.  May not be fair at the moment. You are warned.
  • Torpedoes now drop from attacking Japanese torpedo planes - Only on dev level, but will be added to midway soon.
  • Text for completion of missions on wake is clearer.  Timers now reflect correct status.  
  • Wake and Tulagi tweaked graphically a little.  
  • Ships now spawn at normal cruising speed.  This will increase the speed at which your landing craft spawn.
  • Tank spinning around on the spot when it reaches its destination fixed. It will now ask for new orders.
  • HUD Text updated to be more consistent format.  Objective text similar format.

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Version 36 Feb 06, 2021

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