Version 175 - Midway - Massive Patch

Massive number of changes for this version, Midway is becoming closer to functional as a level.

 Midway Mission - Fixed, now has multiple phases.  Includes additional wingmen, mission objectives.  Can be completed.

  • When you die, your wingmen will persist and return to your respawn.
  • AI command hierarchy is now more complex and capable.  Protects and attacks objectives.
  • Fixes to UI and additional feedback on missions.
  • Direction Finder now identifies red and green to signify enemy and friendly priority targets
  • Rare Crash bugs around AI Formation control fixed.
  • AI blind spots are improved.  Therefore more use of dodging and defensive moves required by player.
  • Torpedoes multiply damage to ships.
  • User interface in Campaign screen still being worked through
  • Newer variants of planes unavailable in older missions.
  • P51 Lightning currently only available on respawn in Tulagi land base.
  • Plane selection screen has map to assist player with orientation on map.
  • Older variants on planes are no longer available as missions progress. 
  • Bomb entities would not be removed from world, therefore game would slow down over time as more bombs used.
  • Rare crash bug with AOE damage with removed objects (memory AV).
  • Updates to mission description screen.
  • Camera fixes in Midway
  • Pause / No return to carrier bug found and fixed.

Things to be done:

  • Plane selection screen and upgrade tree screen to receive face lift and better feedback. 
  • Plane repair zones above friendly carriers to be added.
  • UI feedback ongoing updates and improvements.
  • Sizing of text to be improved, cleaned up.
  • Tulagi fail criteria on Destroyer not working, you cant fail the mission unless you run out of planes.

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